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What does it take to become “a Zalando”? Above all, it requires passion: to experiment, learn, fail, and repeat the process, so that we get stronger and better every day. Zalando Tech includes men and women from more than 50 different nations and representing a seemingly endless number of interests, hobbies, programming-language preferences, personality types and other characteristics. What unites us is the energy and enthusiasm we share in tackling our common purpose: to deliver award-winning, best-in-class shopping experiences to our 19 million active customers.

Radical Agility

Building the world’s most innovative online fashion platform isn’t where our common purpose ends, however. Zalandos are driven to build a tech culture that reinforces Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery. With these three principles to guide us, we can ensure that each Zalando continues to grow, learn and thrive.


Every Zalando technologist needs to know the WHY behind what they do. Answering the WHY is how we achieve purpose. We have created a framework to help you find your purpose with us, to be your best, and to achieve great things.


Zalando promotes autonomy for both individuals and teams. As individuals, we pick our teams, create our own personal and professional development paths (we call them "tours of mastery"), and give each person a voice. At the team level, we self-organize. It’s how we foster trust and respect.


Our passion ultimately focuses on investing in our people. We strive to give Zalandos the best support we can: to help you grow, to provide a place where you can achieve mastery and greatness, and where you are inspired every day to do what you do best--both for Zalando and for yourself.

Methods &

Okay, so “autonomy, mastery and purpose” are some pretty lofty ideals. You might be wondering how Zalandos implement them in practice. How do we give them meaning? Some examples:


We follow processes and practices that enable our technologists to work as efficiently, creatively and meaningfully as possible.

  • Agile coaching
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean UX and Startup methodologies


We are constantly introducing new ways to help our team stretch and grow in new directions. We achieve this by creating a working environment that is hands-on, inspiring and collaborative. And we offer such unique features as:

  • An Innovation Lab for experimentation
  • Eat, chill-out and play areas
  • UserLabs for Product/UX usability testing and research

Tech Constitution

We want every Zalando to know and understand his or her rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of their leader and the technology team at large. Some of our guiding principles:

  • To trust instead of control
  • To build a personal brand related to work
  • To make informed decisions


Zalandos are proud of the strong community we’ve built. Our self-organized guilds, internal tech talks, training initiatives, and other efforts give us opportunities to share our enthusiasm for the technologies and topics we love. Want to organize a team activity that's informative, innovative or just plain-old fun? We'll help you make it happen.


Our events give us opportunities to share our insights and expertise with each other and with the communities to which we belong.

  • Hack week
  • Meetups
  • Game Night


We’ve self-organized +70 internal guilds to discuss our myriad interests and projects in smaller groups. If we don’t see a guild we want, we just make one! Examples:

  • Technical guilds: Scala, APIs, Clojure, Open Source
  • Fun guilds: Gaming, indie music, English language improvement, basketball
  • Teams and roles: Evangelism, mobile, data protection, shop

Knowledge Sharing

We know that every new technology and methodology we implement involves a learning curve. We’re dedicated to helping everyone on our team get up to speed on using the tools they need to work successfully. To that end, we offer:

  • Tech talks
  • Product demos
  • Coder dojos

Personal Branding

We support your efforts to build your reputation as a tech leader—not only among your peers at Zalando, but industry-wide. That’s why we have people on the team to help you.

  • Month-long mentoring program
  • Coachings
  • Trainings

Many Backgrounds, One Team

Zalando technologists come from more than 50 countries around the world. With so many languages, backgrounds, beliefs and ideas, how do we make it work? By celebrating our diversity and learning from each other. We are all different, but we are all Zalandos.

"The mix of people at Zalando enhances our knowledge-sharing and growth."

Hillary Chukwuji

Test Infrastructure Engineer

"Working with different nationalities pulls me out of my cultural comfort zone."

Dagmar von Oerthel

Product Manager Editorial

"We don’t have sour-sweet chicken in China."

Tao Yang


Our Perks

Zalando’s comprehensive array of benefits emphasize value and fun. Here are some of the perks you’ll get when you join the team:

Food & Drinks

We want every Zalando to be as comfortable as possible during the work day. That’s why we supply lots of beverages, fresh fruit and cereals for everyone’s enjoyment. For the truly hungry, our brand-new food court (Berlin location) serves great and healthy food in a relaxed atmosphere.

40% Shopping Discount

Our 40% shopping voucher is one of our greatest benefits. Grow your wardrobe while you grow on the job! And the best thing about shopping at Zalando is that you’re actively testing our shop and providing feedback for us to improve our customer experience.

Lots of fun

Zalandos love to have fun together. Parties, ping pong, video games, shooting pool, movie nights, jamming out in our band rehearsal room, launching shoes into space--we come up with lots of activities to take time out, relax and get to know each other.