Terms of use

TechBlog Goals:

The TechBlog is a platform for exchanging information, both internally and externally. The main part of the blog is technical topics but there are also entries about events etc. Programmer tasks also make up part of the blog. The blog is designed to appeal to all people interested in technology.

1. General

1.1. The blog is owned by Zalando SE.
1.2. This document outlines terms of use for Users (bloggers) and Commenters on the TechBlog. Bloggers refers to all publishers of active content on the TechBlog. Commenters are all people that enter comments on blog entries.1.3. It is required that these terms of use are accepted before any active use of the blog or for commenting.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The subject of this agreement forms the terms of use for the TechBlog.
2.2. In this case, active use of the TechBlog refers to bloggers publishing individual entries on the TechBlog

3. Registration

3.1. A user must be registered before posting content on the TechBlog.
3.2. The owner reserves the right to check every single registration and deny or remove blogger or commenter registrations for any reason.
3.3. Registration requires a username. This name may not damage any individual’s rights, infringe on any copyright laws or offend any third parties.
3.4. All information required is to be entered when registering. The data protection policy applies to all information entered. (Link zur Datenschutzerklärung – English version)
3.5. Commenters‘ and bloggers‘ usernames and passwords are to be kept secret and protected from third party access. The owner is to be informed if any log-in information is lost or stolen.

4. Content

4.1. Content is defined as all entries and comments published on the website by all registered users. This includes all texts, images, graphics, files, information etc published by any blogger or commenter.
4.2. The owner reserves the right to refuse to publish certain entries or comments and to delete or remove entries or comments that have already been published. Registered users do not have the right to have their content published.
4.3. The checking process takes some time so users may notice a delay in their content being published. We ask users to understand that rapid publication is not possible while maintaining a high level of front end quality control.

5. Questionable and Unlawful Content

5.1. Bloggers and commenters agree not to publish any unreliable, unlawful or illegal information.
5.2. Unreliable information may include (but is not limited to):
All content dealing with business or company secrets. If a user is unsure about the confidentiality of a certain piece of information, they should refrain from publishing it. This may include technical systems, data and processes that are not suitable for publishing.
All content that may damage the company, especially the company’s reputation, any threats or insults, false assertions or statements that may damage the company’s dealings or the working environment in general.
All content relating to the competition – naming competitors directly is not permitted without express permission.
All content that may be illegal e.g. hacking, drug or weapons deals, propaganda for totalitarian regimes and violent or racist organizations, any content that may insult or offend others, pornography or online gambling.
Any inflammatory or insulting content.
Any content that may infringe on the privacy, rights or rights of publication of others.
Any content that may infringe on copyright, ancillary copyright or trademark rights.
Any advertising or marketing content.
5.3. Publishing external links to websites that do not contain unreliable or illegal material isn’t strictly prohibited but publishers should be aware of the content they are linking to and ensure that this content does not violate these terms of use.
5.4. Introducing viruses, trojans and other harmful software is not permitted.
5.5. The following applies to commenters:
Comments are only acceptable when they directly relate to the entry content – off-thread comments will not be published.
Please follow acceptable netiquette – comments should be fair and objective, insults will not be tolerated.
Comments should be clear, easily understandable and grammatically correct.
Comments may be entered in German or English.
Comments must respect data protection. Please do not publish any names, telephone numbers, email addresses or other personal information.
Comments including product references and marketing are not permitted.
Double postings and spam are not permitted.

6. User Agreement

6.1. Bloggers and commenters agree not to publish any content that infringes on third party rights or any unreliable or unlawful content. If the user doubts the credibility of content or has doubts concerning copyright or other third party rights, they should refrain from publishing the content.
6.2. If third parties or other users claim for infringements on their rights or the publishing of unlawful or unreliable information, all publishers are obliged to free the owner from any implications or obligations, especially damages.

7. Rights of Use

7.1. The publisher (bloggers, commenters) essentially owns the copyright to their own intellectual property, entries in this case. The publisher does, however, grant the owner permission to display their entry in the long term by publishing it, even if their registration is deleted.
7.2. The owner reserves the right to edit or delete content at any time.

8. Liability

The owner offers no guarantee for any information published on the blog, especially for its currency, completeness and validity.